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The delaying consequence of arrival

You mustn’t think I’ve become absolute rubbish at updating, I have been truly occupied by both a cold and the children. 

Last Wednesday, the 21st of September, a baby was born one day before scheduled arrival. Hence, my now host-family of 5, and I have been busy taking care of the newborn as well as the children. The day before the birth I began to have a soar throat, the morning after - I had a cold and really felt under-the-weather. Up until now my cold has gotten worse and worse, making me feel extremely frozen (which is the reason I have been wearing over 4 tops/cardigans the last three days). 

I have had to quit my chambers and move to another house, so that the new baby-nanny can be within the building at all times. Fortunately, my new chambers are quite spectacular since their walls are old wooden-panels - according to legend from her Majesty the Queen’s castle itself. Whether this is true or not, the house itself contains some extraordinary pieces of antiques. 

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